Solar Projects

Cool Earth Solar is developing a number solar power plants in the United States. Some of these projects are targeted to feature our CPV technology, while other project sites are planned to include traditional flat panel PV.

Sandia Project

The Sandia/Lawrence Livermore National Lab project is under construction and is Cool Earth Solar's first public demonstration site for it's unique CPV technology. Please see the Sandia Project page for more information regarding this first technology deployment and, also, the news page for a few media stories and press releases.

Please take a moment to watch this engaging video on YouTube featuring our partnership with Sandia Lab.

Altamont Solar Energy Center

The Altamont Solar Energy Center is our first utility scale solar power plant project. It is a 20MW site located in Northern California and is in advanced development stage. Please see the Altamont Solar Energy Center page and the News Page for additional information.

DGE Project

The DGE Project is an integrated energy project located in West Texas. Cool Earth Solar has a partnership with the D'Arcinoff Group to assist in the development of this important facility. Please refer to the DGE Project page and the News Page for more information.