Do you believe the Sun has the power to change the world?
We do.

Cool Earth Solar: Reshaping Solar Energy.

We believe that everyone should have access to abundant and inexpensive electricity made from a clean and renewable resource.

Consider one such resource: the Sun.
The Sun has the power to change the world.

We develop solar power plants utilizing our patented concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) technology.

By radically reducing the material cost and weight of CPV, Cool Earth Solar is creating a clean energy solution that massively scales to meet the world’s power demands at prices competitive with traditional fossil fuels.

We develop solar power plants with traditional flat panel PV products and technology.

Some sites and project situations are better suited for flat plate PV than for our CPV technology. In these cases, we do not overlook the opportunity to deploy a clean solar solution but, instead, we move forward with the development and provide a superior solution - solar!